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Asset Allocation Restructuring.

"Unity in Wellness and Wealth: Nurturing Teams. Elevating Executives. Navigating Financial Fortitude. Champion Success."


Reduce Workers Comp Risk. Get Your Hard Earned Cash Flow Back. Keep More of Your Income. Acquire/Retain Top Tier Talent.


Inflated Balance Sheets went from $1.6B in 2000 to $5.8B+ in 2024

Workers Comp Premiums expected to increase 4.9% in 2024 atop the 11% in 2022

Group Health Insurance for employer coverage is expected to surge 6.5% in 2024

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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

One thing we can GUARANTEE. Taxes will continue to rise as the $34 trillion dollar national debt grows. If you don't know the money game, you're a Victim to it.

Insurance is an exclusive industry with high fees, power plays, and political influence. If you're not in the know, you pay more. We've disrupted this industry with our approach. We prioritize businesses and their employees, aiming for high volume, benefiting everyone.

Our approach unlocks cash flow that goes beyond mere savings. It instantly boosts a business's value and credibility. Creating quick cash flow is the fastest path to greater credit-worthiness, and bankability.

Our services significantly influence a business's ability to grow rapidly or prepare for a strong exit strategy. We take great pride in this, and you'll experience it when you work with our team.

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Mathew Yates | CEO | Co-Founder

The Benefit Store



$50+ Billion In Employer Cost Savings

With deployment of our Risk Management Solutions, Employers are set to experience significant savings in Workers' Comp Premiums and Costs. Furthermore, in reduction of employee turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, and overall increased productivity.


500,000+ Lives Impacted - Paradigm Shift In Wellness

The Benefit Store's focus is on implementing an overarching holistic wellness approaching within the workplace. Employees gain access to our incentivized "add-on" benefits package that encompasses Mental, Physical, and Financial fortitude. All Benefits are "Zero Net Costs" to the employer or employee.


$250+ Billion In Corporate Tax Savings

The Benefit Store remains the advanced markets leader in Split Dollar Executive Bonus Plans. We pride ourselves in educating executives on vehicles to best access their monies in tax advantaged ways. We provide "FREE" illustrations.

We're On A Mission!

We're on a mission to revolutionize workplace wellness by merging proactive health practices with cutting-edge risk management strategies, reducing workers' comp claims and premiums. Our unique "zero net costs" incentivized benefits platform champions a holistic approach to health, integrating preventative measures in mental, physical, and financial well-being. Carrying a 95%+ participation rate, the impact is real.

We aim to create environments that prioritize and support the trifecta of wellness, breaking down stigmas and building resilience.

Venturing further, we leverage advanced market financial strategies for business leaders, like split dollar executive bonus plans, offering a way to use retained earnings for significant tax benefits, mirroring tactics of Fortune 500 giants. This strategy not only optimizes financial health, but also rewards leadership, reinforcing the synergy between financial savvy and overall prosperity.

Join us in our mission to drastically reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, while boosting morale, recruitment, retention, productivity, and profitability. We envision workplaces as bastions of success and fulfillment, achieving a win-win scenario that uplifts everyone.

Let's unite in this transformative journey toward a brighter, healthier future for all.

The Benefit Store


The Benefit Store

For our clients, we're considered "Growth Partners".

We assist in strategically designing, and deploying tax advantaged vehicles that provide significant cost savings on some of businesses largest expenses next to payroll (Taxes & Workers Comp)

Let our Team with 60+ years of combined Payroll Tax, Tax Law, Worker's Comp, and Health/Life Insurance expertise, show you exactly how to...

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The Benefit Store

Leverage Tax Codes

Leverage lesser known, powerful tax codes to exponentially reduce your taxable income exposure.

The Benefit Store


15% - 30% cash flow back on your books from your two largest expenditures outside of Payroll.

The Benefit Store

Attract & Retain

Attract & Retain Top Tier Talent by deploying very unique employee benefits packages.

The Benefit Store

Group Health Share

You can offer Healthcare and Prescription coverage up to 50% off market rates for employees not on a group plan, or provide in addition to your group plan.

The Benefit Store

Risk Mitigation

Implement our Risk Mgmt Platform powered by WIMPER, and mitigate risk related to workers comp claims and premiums.

Save 15% - 30%.

The Benefit Store

Happy Employees

Enhance employee health, satisfaction, & financial security ultimately driving your business towards greater prosperity.

Cash Flow, Bankability, Value-Add, and Talent Acquisition/Retention are vital. It's every businesses focus, but the details on how you get there are crucial.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Every business is different.

Instead, we take the time to get to know your company, its culture, and its unique financial goals. This personalized approach allows us to deploy strategies dramatically reducing our Executive clients taxable income exposure. Furthermore to design benefits packages that align seamlessly with your organization's values, and objectives.

The Benefit Store


We've partnered with the most experienced Attorneys, CPAs, and a Managing General Underwriter to provide unmatched services, and cost savings to our Employer Group clients. Furthermore, if you're evaluating an exit, our CPA Firm can provide Industry Market Analysis, Value Enhancement Strategies typically reserved for large businesses, and buy/sell representation.

Visit our pages below to get more details about each service.

executive bonus plans


Section 162 | Split Dollar Plans

workers comp


Save 20% - 30% on Premiums/Claims

workers comp


Identify & Rectify Your Legal Risk Exposure

executive bonus plans


Split Dollar Compensation Plans

employer group health share


Save 30% - 50% on Group Plans

comprehensive medical plans


Save Up To 50% on Comp. Medical

0% business credit


No Income Tax or Income Verification.

The Ultimate Leverage.

mergers and acquisitions


Industry Market Analysis, Value Enhancement, Buy/Sell


The Benefit Store

Employer Feedback Survey

Here at The Benefit Store we're always engaging clients and potential clients for feedback. This allows our Team of Experts to continue to improve what we offer, and maintain a high standard of performance.

By completing this "5 Minute" survey, your contribution helps us help other business owners just like you.

The Benefit Store

Workers Comp Risk Calculator

Awareness of "costs" associated with various aspects of your business is crucial. Especially when it comes to "risks" that can increase those costs, or save them.

Our goal is to bring that awareness to our potential clients, and a great tool that we create is our "Workers Comp Risk Calculator". Take a look.

The Benefit Store

Action Rewards

We truly understand that time is one of our most important assets. We also believe in establishing extraordinary relationships, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

We decided to offer some amazing "Action Rewards" for those that provide feedback with our Surveys, book consultations with us, and even become clients. One of our favorite Action Rewards is our "Complimentary Vacation for 2".

You can check out all our Action Rewards below.

The Benefit Store

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